This team is at your side with your project to overcome all the hurdles that maritime projects bring with them.

Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers the best possible service in the maritime sector. Transparency and clarity in communication and service delivery are just as important to us as competence and quality. Our customers are mainly long-term regular customers. The majority of our new customers come to us on the basis of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Competence and transparency



  • More than 100,000 nautical miles as a captain on sailing and motor ships.
  • Test captain of new developments / new models of different shipyards.
  • More than 20 years as an engineer.
  • Expert for insurance, weften, as well as value reports for buyers and sellers.
  • Developers of new systems and drives, as well as design for new buildings as well as for refits, or special additions such as hardtop etc.
  • Trouble shooter for shipyards and owners worldwide. (So far, there has nbeen a case for which we have not found a solution


  • tailor-made insurance for every yacht owner.
  • Worldwide registration, commercial and private, with and without CE.
  • Worldwide network of dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, authorities and tax advisors as well as lawyers.
Turtle environment

We are sailors and our honour is to put their safety first.

We love the sea and its inhabitants, so we protect them as best we can.

We know:

"economic and environmental aspects of maritime transport are compatible",

that is what we stand for with our name.



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Torsten Lieb