We plan and advise for the Energy Yacht brand. 

Your custom-made dream yacht will soon be able to set sail with them.
Energy Yachts is known for its innovative projects, one of the first parallel hybrid yachts with exceptional performance values, quiet, eco-friendly, spacious.
Hence the name SUY for Space Utility Yacht.

Motor and sailing yachts are manufactured in aluminium or plastic, sustainability and safety are paramount.

Energy Yachts offers a unique concept of transparency!
All costs and material prices are disclosed. The customer participates proportionally in the purchasing conditions of the shipyard, quality, handling, or performance are therefore not a question of the profit of the shipyard, but a joint decision.

Take, for example, the question of the strength of the bow thruster or even what kind of bow thruster is installed.
The shipyards usually write, bow and rear thrusters, but how strong? Even if the information is provided, the manufacturer is not fixed and it is also questionable whether the performance is sufficient for them.

In the case of energy yachts, the advantage is entirely with them, the shipyard does not have to optimize the profit by saving on the material. They will be advised fairly and with our support, suitable for their use.

A simple calculation:

Large shipyards /brands have 100% surcharge on their products.

So a yacht that has 2 million euros selling price, costs, in the standard version, in whose production only 1 million.
With Energy Yacht you will cost the same yacht, high quality, custom made 1.3 million €,
transparently set out, incl. profit marches of the shipyard.

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