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As experts, we are specialized in surveying of pleasure yachts. We advise you on the purchase of new and used yachts, assess the property and prepare appropriate purchase and valuation reports. In the event of damage, we examine and evaluate the damage, prepare damage reports and support you with damage settlement (accident management). We would be happy to provide you with our know-how and experience in the form of construction supervision and repair support.

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Damage assessment

Our service in the event of damage includes the assessment of the yacht or boat, the written documentation and preservation of evidence, the determination of the cause of the damage and the assessment of the amount of damage. We also give recommendations on proper repair measures and calculate the corresponding costs.

Our services relate to both liability claims (you have claims against a third party) and comprehensive damage (you raise claims against your own insurance).

Has your boat been damaged when craning in or out of the water or due to carelessness or misconduct by another operator? Was there a ground contact or did damage occur due to severe weather? We are investigating the incident and, through our expert opinion, offer you a neutral, factually and professionally competent basis for damage settlement and repair.

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Valuation report

A valuation report includes an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the boat with regard to its condition. In addition to assessing the hull, deck, superstructure and equipment with regard to general defects and damage, the boat is also checked for seaworthiness and safety. A survey report basically corresponds to a purchase appraisal, with the difference that a cost-based calculation of the effort and scope of necessary repair services is carried out on the basis of a defect report.

Furthermore, a market research is carried out on comparison boats based on the ship data. An estimated market value is then determined based of both values. The rating of a yacht is required among other things by insurance companies but also by banks for financing. A valuation report from your boat is also an assessment of the current state regarding to a possible sales price.

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Purchase report

If you have decided to buy a yacht, you have already informed yourself extensively about a yacht type and have already found a suitable yacht, it is always advisable to have your desired property examined again by a third party.

The objective view of an independent person can help to avoid financial losses. The desire for a new yacht can easily change the objective view. Small defects that are presented by the seller as unproblematic can later prove to be very cost-intensive.

Our assessment documents defects and gives you another look at your dream yacht. As the basis of a purchase discussion, an expert opinion also helps to have a uniform picture of the condition of the yacht and a clear relationship between buyer and seller

A purchase report includes an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the boat in terms of its condition. In addition to the general assessment of hull, deck, superstructure and equipment with regard to general defects and damage, the boat is also checked for fitness to drive and safety.

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We create osmosis reports for yachts made of GRP and CFRP. In order to determine osmosis, the hull is examined for any damage that has already occurred and is checked using the moisture measurement in relation to the surface and underwater areas.

If damage is already visible (blistering), the clear damage caused by osmosis can be confirmed by determining the acidity in open bubbles. Both the preliminary stage of the damage and the damage itself can be precisely defined in the method in order to initiate appropriate repair measures.